Implant Surgical Guide

Dental Implant treatment has become increasingly popular in the last decade, and with the track record of success, and its status as the gold standard of tooth replacement, being able to confidently place implants is an important offering for most general dental practices.

An experienced surgeon will be able to confidently place an implant where it needs to go, and may feel like a surgical guide, which ensures that the surgery conforms to the pre-surgical planning, is unnecessary. While some clinicians will find the guide a great reassurance, ensuring a perfect placement position is not the only reason to use a surgical guide. A surgical guide can also reduce surgical time, minimise complications, improve post-op discomfort. These things all lead to a better outcome for both the patient and the clinic.

At Premium Dental Lab, we manage every stage of the surgical guide process. All we need is a CBCT and an intraoral scan or impression.

Once we have been given the files, one of our experienced implant dentists will plan your case and send you a detailed plan for approval. Because you as the clinician are ultimately responsible for the patient outcome, it’s important for you to be comfortable with the plan. An example plan, showing you the level of detail communicated back to you is provided below.

Surgical guide protocol
Example of a planning approval document for surgical guides

Once you’ve approved the case, we will manufacture the guide and get it back to you ready for the surgery.