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As dentists, we are responsible for the services that we provide to the patient. In the case of a filling, for example, we have full control over that process from start to finish as so can confidently stand behind the service we have provided to the patient. Where there are requirements for lab work however, we lose control over a part of the process. If there are any problems with colour, thickness, design, aesthetics, fit, or a combination of all of these things, it can undermine our clinical efforts and result in a negative experience or outcome for the patient, the clinician and the practice.
Premium Dental Lab was created by dentists in order to ensure that lab work was controlled to the highest level, with the patient and clinical outcomes given the highest priority. Beyond just the lab work though, Premium Dental Lab places a high focus on cultivating an effective working relationship between the lab and the clinicians, so that the product being delivered help clinicians to achieve a clinical result that they can confidently stand behind.

In our experience over the years, nothing beats a good relationship with your lab. At Premium Dental Lab we are determined to do all we can to foster these relationships, from making our technicians available to discuss cases, both in person and over the phone, to providing education courses to support our referring dentists and their practices. As dentists ourselves who have had extensive clinical experience over the years, we are uniquely qualified to help bridge the gap between the clinic and the lab.

As Premium Dental Lab continues to grow in order to keep up with demand, we are 100% committed to continuing to be a highly efficient, digital lab with competitive prices. More importantly though, we are 110% committed to maintaining a clinical focus and working with every clinician to help them deliver a premium service to their patients.