Digital Design

Technology today plays a huge role in the dental industry, and the dental lab setting is no exception. The ability to plan or assess a case, and even show the patient in their own mouths what is achievable is a powerful tool for dentists. Then to be able to do that without even taking an impression is something patients will be happy to get on board with!

At Premium Dental Lab, our digital designers can utilise this digital design software, combined with 3D printing and milling, in a variety of ways to help you to not only plan your procedures but also be able to predictably deliver that final result to your patients.

For more information on some of our design services, please click on the following links below:

CEREC Digital Design

CEREC chairside scanners and milling units from DentslpySirona have changed the game for many practices, allowing them to deliver a full crown in a single visit in as little as 2 hours or even less.

Digital Wax Ups

Wax ups by hand are a time intensive and technique sensitive process. As you’re completely reliant on your technician’s personal aesthetic and skill level, unless you love their work it can be…