Ceramic Layering

The aesthetics of dental materials have come a long way, and materials like IPS e.max and multilayer zirconia are being commonly used as a full monolithic restoration with nice aesthetic results. Unfortunately, these materials can only take us so far, and where aesthetic demands are high, artistic ceramic layering may be needed to take your case to the next level.

While a perfectly matched IPS e.max restoration might look amazing next to a perfectly healthy “textbook” front tooth, that situation does not take into account the vast majority of patients that have chips, cracks, discolouration, staining, etc. Using a single block to match these scenarios can be extremely difficult, causing the final restoration to stand out from the natural teeth surrounding it.

Highly aesthetic ceramic layering by our skilled technicians can overcome these challenges. Ceramic layering can be applied to both IPS e.max and zirconium, for most types of restorations, both teeth and implant supported.