Crown and Bridge

At Premium Dental Lab, we can cater for most types of materials. For more information on the most common crown and bridge restoration materials, please click on the following links

IPS Emax (Milled)

With documented long term clinical success, IPS e.max restorations (lithium disilicate glass ceramic) have been a gold standard in all-ceramic indirect restorations for several years now.

IPS Emax (Pressed)

Pressed IPS e.max restorations, like milled IPS e.max restorations take advantage of the industry leading properties of IPS e.max, however the pressing process increases its versatility with minimum widths


Zirconia, sometimes referred to as “ceramic steel”, has properties that are optimal for use in dental restorations. Not only does zirconia offer a toughness and strength comparable to titanium (900-1200 Mpa),

Gold Crowns

For many years, gold crowns have been the gold standard (no pun intended) for crown materials. The properties of the gold alloys allow for minimal tooth reduction, very low risk of fracture, great strength..

Ceramic Layering

The aesthetics of dental materials have come a long way, and materials like IPS e.max and multilayer zirconia are being commonly used as a full monolithic restoration with nice aesthetic results.

Temporary Crowns

While crowns are a great way to protect teeth for the long term, sometimes we need to protect teeth for a shorter duration or in a more cost-effective way. Perhaps there is uncertainty about the health