Temporary Crowns

While crowns are a great way to protect teeth for the long term, sometimes we need to protect teeth for a shorter duration or in a more cost-effective way.

Perhaps there is uncertainty about the health or prognosis of a tooth and you are wanting to provide some protection for 3-6 months to assess whether the tooth might have issues.

Perhaps you are doing a root canal on a tooth, however the tooth is weak or heavily restored. A temporary crown will be able to hold the tooth together and provide root canal access that will not compromise a long term crown.

Perhaps a patient has lost a crown and is unable to afford a replacement right now, or is waiting for their health fund to kick over in the new year, and so a temporary crown is an interim measure to get them through.

Or perhaps you want to test out aesthetics or bite opening in a material that is easier to adjust, before committing to final restorations.

Whatever the reason for wanting a temporary crown, our milled PMMA temporary crowns will get you through. Please let us know if you have any special requirements for the use of temporary crowns, and we can work with you to find or develop a suitable solution!